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For women who are ready to put time and energy into creating a change in your work life - especially if you're unsure as to what that change might be 

How would it feel to ...

  • Get really clear on what you need from work and understand what you're really great at? 
  • Feel excited about the career decisions you make?
  • Understand your fears and reframe them so that they stop holding you back?
  • Be confident and believe in yourself?
  • Be guided through a successful approach for thinking creatively and collaboratively about your work and life?
  • Get really clear on what you want your work life to look like?
  • Know how to build your network?
  • Be supported in surfacing your work dreams and taking practical steps to achieve them?

Is this course for you?  Yes if you ...

  • Know you want to create a change in your work life but you're not sure exactly what you want that change to be
  • Are driven, motivated and multi-passionate ... but have possibly lost your mojo or sense of direction
  • Understand the value of investing in yourself and creating the headspace to figure out what's next for you
  • Are ready to be guided through a creative, collaborative and uplifting programme where you'll gain the benefit of working with a community of like-minded women

I’d recommend ‘by Design’ to anyone who is at a pivotal point in their life - invest the time now to explore yourself and actively design a new, brighter future

What will you get?


Every fortnight you'll receive a beautifully designed, easy to use workbooks with detailed action steps to take to fuel your journey.  Scroll down to see details about each module and workbook.


invitation to a 'by design' closed facebook group

Dedicated to you and the women participating in any 'by Design' programme.  A space to be inspired, to share experience and to build your network of women who are living a life 'by Design'.   


ongoing support from me

Each month I host a 'surgery' session when I'll be online to provide you with support, encouragement, guidance and to answer any questions you might have.  You'll get 'straight from the horses mouth' access to the experience I've had pivoting in my career to live a life 'by Design'.  Sharing my experience is part of my 'pay it forward' ethos and acts as a thank you to the people who have supported, inspired and empowered me on my journey.



By taking part in a 'by Design' programme you'll learn the value of being able to problem solve and to be agile.  I have a host of complementary programmes in the pipeline and as one of my online clients I'll share these with you at a significantly discounted price.  This is a limited launch offer!



I'm creating the 'Limitless Belief' Report which will consolidate insights from women who openly and honestly share their self-limiting beliefs, advice and life-hacks on over-coming them and a celebration of what we can achieve when we overcome them.  

Sarah creates a safe space to explore how you’re feeling and why and to surface things that you didn’t even realise were holding you back

WHAT MAKES 'by design' UNIQUE?

'by Design' has been designed by a woman who has been there!  I know what it takes to design a work-life that allows you to have energy for the things in life that matter to you.   To want to create a work life that is purposeful, rewarding and fulfilling whilst at the same time having time to live life! I know the courage and tenacity that it takes and I want to help other women to achieve their goals. I'm a CIPD qualified Coach, trained in Positive Psychology and have been working 1-2-1 with clients for over eight years. I started my first business 5.5 years ago when my daughter was approaching school age and having worked with some of the world's best-know Brands, I'm proof that it's possible for women to create a flexible work life that works.

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Module One | Connect

In module one you'll turn your attention to yourself.  You'll connect with your story so far and describe the needs you have for the future life you're going to create.  Together we'll understand your inner critic and create a more confident, creative and positive mindset for the modules ahead.

  • Workbook One: What got me here
  • Workbook Two: Establishing my needs
  • Workbook Three: What's holding me back

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Module Two - Energise

In module two you'll start to super-charge the energy you will have started to build in module one.  Your values underpin the decisions you make so getting clear on these is our first step.  You'll then describe what makes you you - what you enjoy doing, what you're great at, what you'd love to learn about.  And then we'll look beyond you - to find those people in your life who are going to be there on this journey with you (sorry for my use of the 'j' word)!

  • Workbook One: Knowing your values
  • Workbook Two: Imposter who?!
  • Workbook Three: Collective Brainpower - part one


Module Three - Imagine

In module three we'll unleash your creative confidence!  If you think you're not creative - think again.  If you think you are - you're half way there already!  We'll explore how imagination, play, experimentation will help you to have and develop ideas the will enable you to live a life you love. 

  • Workbook One: Fuelling my creative confidence
  • Workbook Two: My Initial ideas

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Module 4 | Insight

In module 4 you're going to get curious (another key ingredient to fuelling your creative confidence).  You're going to ponder the people and places who can share new knowledge with you.  You'll seek out a new network - people whose insight, experience and wisdom will help you develop your ideas.  Your ideas will start to take shape and you'll learn which you feel inspired and excited by.

  • Workbook One: Insight planning
  • Workbook Two: Insight in action
  • Workbook Three: Collective Brainpower - part two

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Module 5 | Experiment

In module five you'll learn the art of prototyping, testing and experimenting.  Making 'one giant leap' into the unknown can be terrifying.  By designing a series of mini experiments you'll start to test your ideas in a safe way - you'll go from talking about them theoretically to doing them in practice.  In module five you start living a life by design!

  • Workbook One: Prototyping
  • Workbook Two: Designing experiments

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Module 6 | Fuel

In module six you'll reflect back on everything you've learnt about yourself - your passions, your ambitions, what you're great at, what you want to learn about in the future.  You'll think about the habits you'll create to keep the momentum going, you'll put plans in place and continue taking the steps you want to take to live a life you love.

  • Workbook One: Starting blocks
  • Workbook Three: New habits
  • Workbook Two: My manifesto

At the start of my ‘by Design’ programme and at the end of each module, Sarah asked me for three words to describe how I was feeling.
I went from feeling stuck, confused and deflated to refreshed, excited and determined!

Got questions?  Drop me a line - I'm happy to answer any questions you might have.

Get started now!

You can sign up to the online programme with a one-off payment of £300+VAT. 

With each of my upcoming cohorts, I'm also giving you FREE access to my Creative Confidence programme which launches at the end of September.    

It’s changed my life!