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Design a life you love.

My reasons for making my leap from corporate to start-up life were always really clear to me and they still are:

  • to do work I love and to love my work
  • to have flexibility
  • to always be learning (new projects, new people, new collaborations)

I love the freedom that being my own boss gives me — if something feels like a great opportunity I can make it happen. If there’s someone I’d love to work with, together we can create something.

That’s not to say it’s all been easy. It hasn’t. But (and forgive me for being clichéd) it’s totally true — you learn the most from the tough times; even if you wished they hadn’t happened, there’s always something to learn.

The main thing I’ve become aware of is that freedom gives you an incredible opportunity to be agile. In this ‘multi-hyphened work-life’ I’ve created for myself (if you haven’t read Emma Gannon’s new book and want to break out of a job title, go read it now!) I get to find the sweet spot between the stuff I’m great at, the stuff I love doing and the stuff people need. And that means I get to create different things.

So why am I telling you all of this?

Alongside We Are Unstuck (the business I created in 2013), I’ve been developing something new. It started out as something I was curious about, turned into something I researched, and then experimented with.  And is now something I’ve launched (gulp!). 

And this is it.  Let me introduce you to ‘by Design’.

I’ve created ‘by Design’ for women who want to work smart, love what they do and have energy for the things in life that matter to them.

Women who are driven, motivated and multi-passionate but who have lost their sense of direction or mojo for work.

Women who probably want to eschew the 9–5 (for any range of reasons), to work flexibly.

Women who want to think and work creatively to explore what they want and need in life, reframing any self-limiting beliefs that might get in the way of getting there.


Sounds exciting right?! So far, on my Coaching programmes I’ve worked with amazing women who have said stuff like:

“‘by Design’ has been a fantastic experience for me. I’ve emerged with new found confidence to take the next steps on my journey with positivity and strength”

Women who have gone from feeling like this ...

... to feeling like this:

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I’ve carried out research with nearly 100 women on self-limiting beliefs (you can sign up for the report below).

I attended the Mums Enterprise Conference in Manchester in June, 2018 where over 3,000 (yes - three thousand) women who were seeking flexible work or to start their own business came together to learn together.  

I'm speaking at a 'Women in Design' speaker series at 'Design it' (a strategic design firm) in September, 2018 on the topic of 'designing your career'

Why does all of this excite me? Because in all of the conversations I’ve had with women since leaving my ‘9–5 career’ and in all of the conversations I know I’ll continue to have, I get to fuel people’s creative confidence to design a life they love.  And that takes me right back to the top of this page and my reasons for leaping from corporate life to entrepreneurial life!

If you'd like to find out more about working with me, take a look at my coaching programmes here.