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9 Lessons from the other side of my comfort zone

I made the leap from corporate life to start-up life in 2013.  In this post I share nine reflections from stepping outside of my comfort zone.  I hope they fuel you and give you confidence that you can create a work life that works for you and yours.

design a life you love

We all have different reasons for designing a life we love.  What's important is that we know what those reasons are.  That we've been honest with ourselves when we've surfaced them.  And that we take the steps needed to fulfil them.

A new way for mothers.jpg

A New way for mothers

- louise webster

You can tell if I've read a book that I find really helpful because it's covered in scribbles and every few pages the corner is turned!  My copy of 'A New Way for Mothers' has definitely received this treatment!  If you've taken time out and you're thinking of getting back to it you have to read this book. Louise writes from the heart and shares her experience of creating 'Beyond the School Run' in a way that will undoubtedly fuel your confidence.

the side project report

- the do lectures

This report from the Do Lectures will stare down every excuse you've got for not starting that thing you've always wanted to start.  It'll provide you with the kick up the ass you need to get going.  Simple as that.

don't get a job, make a job

- gem barton

Gem Barton wrote her book for 'creative graduates' but when I came across it in my local book store I knew it would be relevant for me and any woman wanting to blaze her own trail.  Don't Get a Job ... Make a Job is jam packed full of real life, inspiring stories that will fuel your confidence and give you practical insights into how to use the skills you have to make a job that works for you!

unforeseeable good stuff

When you work creatively and do new things the potential for 'unforeseeable good stuff' to happen increases. Read about the unforeseeable good stuff that's happened as a result of The 100 Women Project in this uplifting blog!


Female Entrepreneurship - does it matter?

I recently spoke at a Round Table event at the Ingenuity Lab at the University of Nottingham - asking the question of whether female entrepreneurship matters.  On the one hand it definitely does.  On the other - nah, not so much.