About me ...

'by Design' has been created as a result of an optimistic mind and a feminist streak!  Since making the leap from my corporate career to create my first business, I've spoken to many (smart, talented, professional) women all seeking the confidence, know-how, guidance to make their own leap or career pivot.  Each of these women have had their own, unique motivations fuelling their desire for change but the one consistent theme has been not knowing where to go to or who to talk to, to begin on this journey.

I've created 'by Design' to work with women like you.

Women who are ready to put energy into creating a change in their work life so that they can work smart, love what they do and have energy for the things in life that matter to them.  Women who don't know exactly what the next career move might look like but who know that they want to create change.


You're likely to be driven, motivated and multi-passionate.  But you may have lost your mojo or sense of direction.

You'll understand the value of investing in yourself and creating the headspace to figure out what's next for you.

And this is where I come in ...

My name is Sarah King.  I designed and created my first significant career pivot when I was 18. 

I've always been fascinated in how people come together to create change and throughout my career this is what my focus has been.  Working in complex organisations such as British Airways, the City of London Police and Capital One, I've led lots of change projects and programmes. 

My most significant career pivot was in 2013 when I set up my first business - We Are Unstuck (you can read more about my motivations for doing this in The 100 Women Project).  I've worked with amazing people in organisations such as Red Bull, Penguin Random House, Browne Jacobson and UK Sport.  We Are Unstuck continues to be one of my passions.  But I'm multi-passionate.  I  love helping people discover their creative confidence to solve problems that matter to them.  And what bigger or more important question can there be than designing a life that fuels and energises you.  And this is why, alongside We Are Unstuck I've created 'by Design'.


'by Design' allows me to work with women in a Coaching programme I've created based on my years of experience.  The 'by Design' coaching programmes blend ...


My first career pivot came about by necessity rather than by design, when I was 18.  It taught me to be clear on my purpose,  to be creative and agile.  It also taught me resilience.  Since then I've designed a couple of career pivots - the most significant being my entrepreneurial leap in 2013, to create We Are Unstuck.  My most recent pivot or passion project?  Creating this - by Design!  I've learnt so much through experience, by devouring books and also through the wisdom others have shared with me.  During your 'by Design' programme I'll share my wisdom and experience with you.


I'm a qualified (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development) and practicing Leadership Coach (bound by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council's Code of Practice).  I'm currently undertaking a Positive Psychology course.  I'm skilled in supporting people to explore and uncover their own solutions - providing support, challenge and by helping you to 'connect the dots' in what you share with me.  During our conversations I will blend a Mentoring approach (sharing my experience with you) and a Coaching approach (empowering you to uncover your own solutions).


I've been a Design Thinking practitioner for the last 8 years.  I LOVE helping people to reclaim their creative confidence to solve problems that matter to them.  Design Thinking provides an empathy-fuelled, insight-driven approach to problem solving.  Within 'by Design' we apply this approach to you.  In a structured programme (i.e. each session has a clear purpose) I'll guide you through my methodology and fuel your creative confidence so that you can design a career pivot that enables you to work smart, love what you do and have energy for the things in life that matter to you


If you're curious to find out more and wondering 'how do I start?' then drop me a line - I'd love to talk to you to find out where you're at, where you're heading to and how I can help you!

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